Our Values

DeA Capital Real Estate France has always shared and promoted principles of ethics, legality and respect for human rights and current regulations, considering them as the basis of its strategy.

The AMC is aware that the management of risks and opportunities regarding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and the integration of related factors in the investment process support value creation and growth in the medium to long term.

DeA Capital Real Estate France aims to consolidate its leadership in the real estate sector also through the management of ESG issues, adhering to the Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and identifying four fundamental pillars underlying its sustainability strategy.

The objective of the AMC is to adopt an approach aimed at social and environmental responsibility, creating value for all stakeholders: AIF investors, Group, tenants of managed assets, as well as the communities in which they are located.


Acting responsibly and promoting sustainability in the sector as an investor signatory of UN PRI, adopting a responsible approach to investment to create value and increase industry awareness of the benefits deriving from valorisation of ESG issues.


Placing people at the centre by investing in the well-being and professional growth of the people who are part of DeA Capital Real Estate France, ensuring a work environment that fosters professional growth and the ability to attract and retain new talents.


Developing, redeveloping and managing properties that are efficient and sustainable, pursuing energy efficiency objectives and reducing the consumption of resources for assets and actively contributing to the transition towards a low carbon economy.


Proactively participating in the creation of sustainable cities of the future aiming at sustainable and inclusive urbanisation, benefiting from the integration of digital and technological innovations.

With this strategy, DeA Capital Real Estate France,intends to contribute to the achievement of some United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs orAgenda 2030), selected on the basis of the impact that theAMC can have through its business.

By adhering to the principles of responsible Investment and defining a sustainability strategy, DeA Capital RE France is committed to integrating ESG issues at all operational levels, both on behalf of the AMC and for the AIFs it manages.

As responsible investor, the AMC has defined a list of exclusions within its investment policy, which can be extended to further activities identified by the AMC and/or by AIF subscribers and potential investors.

The responsible approach to investment is also reflected in all phases of the investment process and the creation of new products; in the evaluation/development and redevelopment, management and divestment phases.

Valuation – developmentand redevelopment

Consideration of ESG factors in defining the risk profile of the investment

Evaluation of potential intervention opportunities, also in case of asset redevelopment

Results of due diligence, development and redevelopment projects are reported in the info-memos.

Asset management

Monitoring relevant ESG factors.

Definition of intervention plans to improve the environmental efficiency of the property, in line with the strategy of each AIF.

Feasibility study to equip the buildings with specific environmental data collection tools


Reporting of ESG performance improvements within dedicated documentation forwarded to potential buyers.

Support and collaboration of brokers.

Responsible investment management

DeA Capital Real Estate France formalises its commitment to acting as responsible investor through the adoption of the ESG Policy adopted by the Board of Directors, the aim of which is to illustrate how the AMC intends to integrate ESG factors in its processes and those of its products.