Le Cap, Saint-Denis

Address:  3 rue de Brennus 93200 Saint-Denis

Acquisition date:  20/10/2020

Asset class/Risk profile: Office / Value Add

The building is made of 11,300 sqm of office space, 814 sqm of retail space and 124 parking spaces and was partially let at acquisition. The building is located in Saint-Denis, in the immediate vicinity of the future installations of the Rugby World Cup (2023) and the Olympic Games (2024). The environment is also benefiting from public investment in connection with the “Grand Paris” city planning project. Built at the end of the 20 th century by Eiffage Immobilier, from the designs of Arte Charpentier Architectes, le Cap was historically let by Canal+. The building is now multi-let, including restaurants at the foot of the building. The acquisition strategy has consisted in bringing further services to the building, upgrading technical equipment and significantly improving energy consumption efficiency in order to keep attracting large corporate & SMEs.